Friday, 28 August 2015

10 Hen Party Games to Make Your Guests Giggle!

Plan ahead a handful of hen party games that will have your guests mingling, laughing and best of all, have the bride blushing! These top ten hen party games range from sweet and innocent to daring and humiliating! 

Mr and Mrs

This is a Hen Party MUST! Before the party, ask the groom 10-15 questions about him and his bride to be. This can be as random or funny as you like! At the party the bride has to answer the same questions and see if she can come up with the same answer. You can then reveal the grooms answers to the bride and for all the wrong answers, the bride has to do a forfeit.

WE RECOMMEND: To film the grooms answers and expressions to add more humour!

Pass the Parcel

Using the same concept of the party game pass the parcel you played at your 8th birthday party but a whole lot better and of course, a whole lot naughtier! First, wrap your biggest prize and then keep wrapping it inserting smaller prizes between the layers. Use fun lollies and sweet treats to eat, silly name badges and costume accessories to wear and naughty intimate products such as massage oils to use. 

WE RECOMMEND: You slip a few daring or just embarrassing challenges such as “kiss a stranger”, “swap an item of clothing with a random”, “perform a silly dance move in front of someone or try twirking”. The possibilities are endless! 

Pin the Hose on the Fireman

Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, pin a “hose” on a fireman. Yes you guessed it, its not really a hose! Find a tempting photo of a fireman, draw your best “hose” and get pinning! 

Truth or Dare

This is a game set to embarrass the hen. At the start of the night, have all the hens write a dare or naughty question for the bride-to-be to complete or answer throughout the night. It can be humiliating, such as removing her bra while on the dance floor, x-rated (think pinching a stranger’s bottom or having a specific part of your body autographed), or something innocent, like asking a married couple for advice. Stagger them throughout the night until she’s gotten through the entire list. 

WE RECOMMEND: You give the bride a prize at the end as a reward for all her hard work and humiliation!

Scavenger Hunt

Compile a list of items to scavenge on your night out. You can pick random items or collect items to add to a theme, the choice is yours! Set a time limit and divide your hens into teams. The team to collect all the items first are the winners and can be rewarded with a prize or make the losers do a forfeit. Be prepared to make a few swaps for other peoples things you want to scavenge! 

WE RECOMMEND: Scavenging a single man’s business card, somebody’s tie, a temporary tattoo, a pair of chopsticks and a lemon. Another fun twist is to get each team to take snaps on their phones for photographic evidence!

Toilet Paper Couture

Get the girls in to teams and get them to create a wedding dress from toilet paper using one of the team members as a model. Give each team just 5 minutes to finish their masterpieces before they have to strut them down an imaginary catwalk and talk about its best features. The bride then chooses the winning team! 
WE RECOMMEND: You go all out and make a toilet paper veil and bouquet too!

Cheeky Charades

Write down 15 words that the Bride-to-be has to act out for the group! But to be sneaky, choose 10 words that are sexually related such as 'doggy-style', then choose 5 innocent words that are related to the wedding, such as 'church', 'flower-girl' etc. Place these words in either a hat or inside balloons for the bride to pop. She then needs to act out the word to the guests in 30 seconds. Everyone must shout out what they think the word is, if no one gets it right in 30 seconds, the bride will have to pay a penalty. The point of the game is to embarrass the bride a little and to get everyone laughing.

WE RECOMMEND: To only guess the words right that are related to the wedding. All the words that are sexually related (which you will see from her actions), try leave those words for the bride to act out for longer. Remember to inform the guests before hand to not guess the words right that you can see are sexually related! 

Banned Words

Fun, easy and as naughty as you like! Choose a list of words that CANNOT be spoken throughout the night – make sure you choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, such as doing a shot or doing a dare.

WE RECOMMEND: Words such as 'wedding' and the grooms name.  

Hen Night Cricket
This game is hilarious! Place a tennis ball inside a pair of tights. Tie the tights around the waist of the Bride making sure that the leg with the tennis ball is to the back of the Bride and the ball is about 12inches (a foot) from the floor. Get another guest to stand in front of the bride with her feet shoulder width apart. Place a half filled small bottle of water or soda on the floor between the guests legs. Then challenge the Bride to knock over the bottle with the tennis ball inside the stocking with out using her hands. She has to sway her hips to get the ball swinging!

WE RECOMMEND: Splitting the group into two teams and the first team to knock the bottle over are the winners. 

Rate the Man
This game is ideal for going out on the town! Each guest has cards from 1-10. When a guy walks by or comes in the door, he’s rated by the party.

WE RECOMMEND: You come up with an impromptu contest like a dance or striptease contest and recruit volunteers from the bar!

Now all you need to do is have fun!!

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